Michael Montgomery at the Tri-Cities Yo-Yo Competition

By July 8, 2009 December 4th, 2019 Blogs, Videos, Yo-Yoing

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  • Wayne O. Dowler says:

    Now that makes me feel old, my friend! I am used to seeing you as you are now, that was a “blast from the past.
    Is there a reason behind your stopping?

    • mikemonty says:

      So I actually wrote that post in 2009, at the time i stopped because I had graduated and left to go to college. I was trying to launch a t-shirt company caller double take industries. We made a shirt with a mouse in a mouse trap captioned “oh snap!”, and another with some dice on it captioned “wanna die?” For the most part trying to make a play on words. Then I decided to start making yoyos and going through that first adventure of prototyping. Basically I was well occupied exploring the other areas of the yoyo industry I’d never seen before.

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